Law Of Attraction Story

by Jen Blackert

How Sharon attracted more money and How Jen lost weight using the Law Of Attraction.
When Sharon considered leaving her project management position at a large mortgage firm to start her own business, she thought it would be wonderful to leave on good terms and with a 2-week severance package. After being discouraged by asking her manager, she felt hopeless. This hopeless feeling put out a vibe that meant there was no hope for Sharon’s severance package. Why? Well, it’s the law. The law of attraction states like attract like. OK. Stay with me. By stating there is no hope then the universe obeys and delivers no hope.

So, to have what you want, you have to allow it to happen, see it as a reality, have no doubt and know absolutely it will become reality.

For the longest time, I wanted be thin, but I kept having the recurring thoughts that I couldn’t be thin. I had all kinds of excuses. I would have to go hungry. I would have to run 5 miles a day. I didn’t have the time to exercise rigorously daily. You name it. I thought it. I had every excuse in the book. I was making untrue statements in my head. In fact, I was manifesting that there was no possible way I could be thin.

One day, it dawned on me after several years of reading and applying Abraham Hicks and Wayne Dyers’ work. I had already been using some of the principles of the law of attraction and didn’t even know it. For years, I would find myself saying, “I don’t like this job, so I am going to quit in the next four week and find a better job making $20,000 more.” In my joy of my new job, my sister would make some comment about the universe loving me. And then I figured it out. I knew what I was doing and I knew that if I wanted to be thin, I just had to be willing. And although I want the scale’s number to say a couple pounds less, I trust that number will change. I also know today, I look great and feel thin. By following the laws of attraction and universal energy, I already know that whatever I want and believe will be, will be. As for Sharon, she had heard through the grapevine that someone else had received a severance package when intending to leave. Suddenly, Sharon felt hopeful and she pursued getting her severance package. She went to her manager’s supervisor and to make a long story short, she received a 4-week severance package which helped finance her new interior designing business that is thriving with the power of client attraction-based marketing.

Sharon and I both applied the law of attraction by focusing on what we really wanted and be being willing to receive it. Jennifer was influenced by co-workers. I was easily influenced by my past thoughts and ideas. We all like to think we are functioning completely on our vision. Truthfully, most of us are influenced by something or someone. Who or what influences your actions? Who do you allow to stop you from acting on your vision? Don’t forget to be filled with gratefulness for a your dream realized. The universe and the law of attraction are the magical forces when things “go your way.”

About The Author
Jen Blackert, Law Of Attraction Marketing Coach, is a results-driven marketing strategist that teaches entrepreneurs how to attract all the clients they need. Her methods are based on the universal law of attraction. Visit her website at www.jenblackert.com her upcoming class www.jensclass.com and her Group Law Of Attraction Coaching Class www.vibecoaching.com

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