I Now Finally Believe

Thought I'd share something really cool and interesting thing that happened to me last week and thought it would be important to share with other readers. I've been reading the Secret and other books and really trying to change my life and my thoughts. I created a dream/vision board last summer and placed all my hopes and dreams on this dream board... and I made a very large one too... I have a lot of dreams :)

But months and months have gone by and not much has happened, until something small happened last week, but definitely something significant. I was perusing a newly found site similar to eBay and found some really cool items for really good prices... ordered some items and thought nothing of it. One of the items I purchased was a lovely white purse. When it arrived, I'm not sure why (now that I think about it) but put it on the floor by a bookshelf when I was tidying up and left it there for a few days... well, I'm on my computer a few days later, checking my email and just happen to glance at my dream board, as I often do... and at the very end of it, which is slightly hidden my monitor, I just happen to tip my head to stare at it.... then I notice a white purse on my dream board, then it kind of took a minute and thought to myself, why does this purse look familiar. I just happen to turn my head and look over at the floor... and back at my dream board... then back at the purse on the floor... as you can tell I did a few back and forth quadruple-takes. I couldn't believe it, the exact, and I mean exact purse was sitting on my floor that I had cut out of a magazine last summer!

What I couldn't believe was that when I was cutting out the pictures, I was cutting out pictures of like items I'd like, the same style or shape etc. This manifestation of the exact same purse was just baffling to me. I think the issue I've been having with the whole law of attraction phenomenon is that I like to believe it but I don't think I've ever believed it would happen to me. Life has always been a struggle and subconsciously I feel it will always be a struggle, even with all my efforts... and finally I believe... like I said it's a small object but with such a huge significance. I now am starting to believe in changing your thoughts changes your life. I am quite an impatient person and like things to happen now and I'm wondering what it took for it to manifest and why it took over 8 months... I don't have all the answers but I'm sure I'm subconsciously thinking it won't happen, yet I verbally express it will. It's been a personal struggle, but whatever the reason, I'm very happy that the universe showed this to me and now I know I'm one step further in realizing my dreams. I know it's just a purse, but to me now, it's meaning is more valuable than anything and look at the purse for inspiration every day, it's the significance behind it.

I hope this story helps others in their journey... it's definitely helping me and I hope we all find the happiness we are looking for.