Understanding How Our Lives Unfold

By Charlsie Winston

Surely you’ve heard of the concept ‘your thoughts create your future.’

I think this is currently being talked about in all of the self-improvement programs. And, who of us has not read nearly all of them?

Why we think we need self-improvement, I don’t know.

Aren’t we just fine the way we are. . . Divine Beings, and such. Actually, I believe we are looking more for ‘transformation’ rather than self improvement. Okay, another topic for another day.

Back to THIS topic.

When you look at your life you may not be able to make the connection between your thoughts and what’s happening. To you it may seem that the two are entirely separate.

For many, many years I did not make the connection either.

However, after studying and coming to understand the Universal Laws and learning about Energy, I can now see how my thoughts, feelings, energy vibration and actions have been the determining factor in almost all that has transpired in my life.

Yep, I brought about all those ‘stuff ups’. Likewise, I’ve brought about some truly wonderful happenings. . . and, will continue to do so.

So, ‘who or what’ is responsible for our having or not having what we want? Is it that thing, or that person or?

Let’s explore further the idea of ‘your thoughts create your future’. Following are the basics of how this works.

We live in a Manifesting Universe that is governed by numerous Universal Laws.

As an example, whether we believe it or not, we see proof of gravity working every day. (Thank the Universe for this!) We probably don’t understand how it works. Yet, it does.

There are many laws that operate without our conscious attention, belief or understanding.

One Universal Law in particular determines whether you have money, positive relationships, success or anything else of value in your life.

It determines whether you live a life that is full of worry, fear and stress, or a life that is joyful and carefree.

This law is called ‘The Law of Attraction’.

If you don’t understand how this law affects your life, your life will probably appear to be unbalanced and uncertain. You will spend your time ‘reacting’ to everything and everyone around you, instead of taking proper action.

I feel confident you have heard the saying that “like attracts like”.

Why? You may wonder just what causes ‘like to attract like’?

The answer is. . . Everything in our Universe is made up of ENERGY.

Our thoughts are made up of energy. You are made up of energy. Everything is simply energy in varying forms.

Quantum physics has proven that this is true. And, science has proven that ‘like energy attracts like energy’.

All energy has specific magnetic proprieties.

Therefore, we are like magnets. As magnets, we are attracting things continuously, even when we are not aware of it.

This magnetic energy is also ‘vibrating’ at different frequencies. These frequencies determine the magnetic properties of the energy that we are vibrating.

Being so, it is your energy, your vibration, in alignment with the Law of Attraction which is the key to making changes in your life and attracting whatever you desire.

It is how you FEEL that brings about your personal energy vibration. And, of course, our thoughts tend to determine how we feel.

So, you see, creating and manifesting does begin with thought. Yet, there is more that follows and combines to actually complete the process.

Right now you are possibly believing that this is a lot of metaphysical mumbo jumbo. Well, like with the gravity example, it doesn’t matter what we believe about this. It still works.

Unfortunately, a large number of people live their lives just accepting things as they are. They hope for the best and all the while accept the worse.

They spend all their time focusing on and thinking about their problems rather than imagining and feeling the energy of how they want their lives to be.

You know. . . it’s that ‘life of quiet desperation’ thing. This is sad and is not how our lives are intended to be.

Once you understand the Law of Attraction and Energy and then align yourself with how it all works, you can change the circumstances in your life, if you want. You can attract to you that which you want.

Through your thoughts, your feelings, your energy vibration and your actions you can create and manifest how your life unfolds!

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For over 15 years Charlsie has been consciously on (and off, on and off. . . well, you know) the path to transformation and greater awareness. Much of her time is spent observing nature, exploring metaphysics and pondering on the so-called mysteries of our Universe. Charlse has studied various modalities of energy work and is certified in all levels of Reiki.

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