Soaring Past Heaven

Soaring Past Heaven

If you enjoy books about The Law of Attraction, The Secret and Gratitude, you might enjoy this book as well.

Book Description
A natural philosophy. - A celebration of our lives as "Energy Source". - God? Or gods? - A look at who and what we are - as we are. - Answers that explain and fulfill. - Empowering words accessible to all. - A comprehensive study of the laws, forces, and powers of nature and how they affect our every moment, our environment and the world. - Creation - Intelligent Design - Evolution - Good and bad - Love and hate - Life and death. - Nature's innate code of conduct. - An intimate gaze at what makes the mind soar with joy and happiness - The roots of consciousness and intelligence. - How we become creators of thoughts and forms - The money seed - Mind reconciliation with form - A book based on observing a nature that gives its apprentices a head's up in their lives. - A serious find for those who are searching for a purpose and a meaning to their lives. - A dip into the Source. (via A Natural Philosophy)

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Simon Loh said...

The law of attraction is the law of the universe. Focus on positive thoughs and the universe will responds with its abundant provision.

Put emotions into your positive thoughts and take action to manifest the law of attraction.