Vision Board Ideas

If you're just starting out in creating your first vision board, I thought I'd put together some ideas to help you get started.

A vision board is basically a depiction of your dream in pictures. Look for pictures that represent your dreams.
  • Your Dream Vacation - Go to your local travel agency, they give away all the brochures, find the exact vacation spots and cut them out. Look through travel magazines at your locat magazine store. Look online, search for the hotel, airplane, the tourist spots.
  • The body you want - Search the internet and through fitness magazines, there are tons and tons to choose from.
  • Phrases and Keywords - Look in magazines for tons of words and phrases that express what you're looking for. Example: Sweet Smells of Success, Holiday Hit List, Places to see... you get the picture. Or type them up on your computer, use your favorite font and print/cut/paste.
  • A Relationshop - Whether it be your life partner or a best friends. Find pictures that represents what you're looking for. A romantic picture of two people in luv and holding hands. Or a group of friends laughing.
  • Clothing and Shoes - Always looking in your closet and finding you have nothing to wear. Find the pictures of what you want to wear.

Those are just a select few, you can put what ever you want, your dreams are your own. You own them and now is the time to take ownership of your life and map it out.

I hope with these ideas jump start your goals. Don't forget to also put a plan of action to start these dreams to come true. Good luck!

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